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Why I chose Checkmk as my monitoring platform?

Why I chose Checkmk as my monitoring platform?

Checkmk is a comprehensive platform for monitoring applications, servers, and networks, whether on-premises or in the cloud. It is equipped with a wide range of features that make it capable of monitoring simple IT operations (like my home setup) and complex IT environments. Here are some of the key benefits as I see them:


One of Checkmk's standout features is its automation capabilities. It allows you to add new components with less effort using automatic detection and configuration. Checkmk will recognise it and monitor all relevant components, along with their metrics and thresholds. Features such as host lifecycle management and auto-registration of hosts help you automate dynamic, ephemeral infrastructure monitoring. Containers, pods, VMs, and more can be automatically added and removed from monitoring. You can also automate the configuration and operation with the Checkmk REST API, centrally manage your agents and automate agent updating with the Agent Bakery.


Checkmk offers fast installation from a single integrated package without the need to install and maintain databases and web servers separately. Its auto-discovery feature detects your hosts and services for you, effortlessly configuring your monitoring with all relevant metrics and thresholds. You can integrate your data, combine the benefits of agent-based monitoring with agentless monitoring via HTTP or SNMP, or connect Checkmk to different applications via APIs. This can be configured in a web interface, making it fast, easy, and less error-prone.


Checkmk has over 2,000+ maintained plug-ins that collect metrics from your systems across heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Thanks to its unique plug-in collection, it covers the most critical use cases in the cloud and most on-premises systems. This makes it powerful for hybrid IT monitoring. These plug-ins are actively maintained and regularly updated to keep up with your software and hardware changes.


Checkmk is designed to scale monitoring with a performance-optimized, distributed architecture. You can easily monitor thousands of services with one monitoring instance, eliminating the need to maintain and synchronise multiple monitoring instances in a single data centre. It can scale across hundreds of sites and millions of devices, allowing you to build a worldwide distributed monitoring network....Ok, Slow down, mate 😄 - I really love this platform...sorry.

In conclusion, Checkmk is a robust and comprehensive monitoring solution offering many features and benefits. Whether you’re monitoring a simple IT operation ( like my home setup ) or a complex IT environment, Checkmk has the tools and capabilities to meet your needs.

This is the edition I am using:

Open source based IT monitoring with the Checkmk Raw Edition
Open source IT monitoring with the Checkmk Raw Edition. It is made possible by our active user community who has been contributing since Checkmk’s inception.